Hypnosis, Self Hypnosis and Meditation

I have always had an interest in Stress management,  particularly since I left the corporate world in 2008 partly due to stress.   I changed the balance in my life,  lost a bit of weight and became fitter,  healthier and less stressed.  I rowed races in 8’s and learned to sail.

It was only when I started studying hypnosis that I realised just how tense and stressed I was by default.

Many of my clients claim that they find it almost impossible to relax.  They have difficulties sleeping and slowing their thoughts down.  Their mind is constantly racing with anxious thoughts.    They have often tried meditation but find it very difficult to let go.

A single hypnosis session can help clients to realise just where they need to be in terms of relaxation.  It can help them to meditate more effectively and to get more from Self-Hypnosis.   For the purpose of relaxation it is sometimes possible to run a structured meditation for a group of 6 or 8 people and which is effectively group hypnosis.

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