Workload and pressure



The right workload and pressure creates the a desirable amount of stress to help you achieve deadlines and  get the job done.   Up to a level,  stress helps people perform.  Positive stress of this kind can also be referred to as Eustress.
Negative stress can also be referred to as Distress.

There are two main factors at play in stress.

Stressors – the item that stimulates the stress response – for example deadline pressure.

Stress response – Your emotional response to those stressors.

In between the Stressor and the response there is a gap.    We each react differently and you have a choice and can choose to respond differently to stressors.

Stress management aims to approach stress management from both tackling the stressors and the response.

For example in the case of being late for an appointment.

To tackle the stressor we would aim to manage time more effectively to increase the likelihood that you will not be late for that appointment.  Ensuring that you leave in good time.

To tackle the stress response we might practice positive thinking , mindfulness or progressive muscle relaxation.  The response depends on personal preference.

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